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Founder and President/CEO
Graffiti Video, Inc.



An internationally recognized entrepreneur, digital imaging expert and visual effects pioneer with over 29 patents and 30 years of feature film and TV accomplishments including productions for all 6 major Hollywood studios and 3 major networks. Dr. Sandrew was founder of 2 production studios that became gold standards for color visual effects. In 2000 he established and continues to remotely manage one of the first, longest operating and largest VFX studios in India. 

In 1987 Sandrew invented digital colorization. Between 1987 and 1993, he colorized over 250 films, 180 TV episodes and 70 cartoons. He also produced all color, compositing and special effects for Spielberg's first digital animated feature, We're Back, A Dinosaur Story, Gahan Wilson's animated short, The Diner, the Fox TV series, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, as well as restoration and color visual effects for the ABC miniseries, War and Remembrance and the John Lennon documentary, Imagine.

In 2000 Sandrew re-invented colorization, producing 100 feature films for Legend Films library as well as films for Fox, Sony, Universal and Paramount, Barry also produced color effects for Scorcese's The Aviator, HBO’s Entourage, the CBS Sports Special, Jim Nantz Remembers Augusta: The 1960 Masters, the CBS DVD releases, Lucy Goes To Scotland and The Italian Movie and the ESPN Sports Special, The Greatest Game Ever Played.

In 2006 Sandrew created a process and pipeline for converting 2D feature films to stereographic 3D. The company subsequently changed its name to Legend3D and in 2010 as COO and Sr. Stereographer, Sandrew oversaw a team of 3D artists in the conversion of Alice In Wonderland, Shrek, Shrek 2 and Shrek the 3rd. From January, 2010 to September 2014 Sandrew led a team of 850 talented artists, engineers and technicians in the 3D conversion of many of the highest performing box office tent pole films coming out of Hollywood.