CG Supervisor
Mr. X Montreal

Jerry Tung

I am currently working as CG Supervisor, for Mr. X, a Technicolor company, Montreal, Canada.   
I have been involved in Film, TV, game industries since 2005.  I began my professional journey as an Animator in 2001.  After a few years of going into different roles, which includes modelling, texturing, look development, and lighting.  What attracted me the most is lighting.  Therefore, I stick with this role throughout my career.
With strong art skills at heart, and a good communicator and a humble listener, I am able to exceed and adapt many different work environment, technological advancements,  etc.. Which made me a fast learner, pro-active, and able to gain trust among my peers and built lasting friendship with many talents I have the privilege in work with.
I have developed a keen eye for detail as well as strong and positive attitude towards any work given.  Furthermore, keeping my mind open for positive feedback and suggest ways to strengthen workflow and always searching ways to improve our team’s performance.

Role with the VES

I participated with VES Montreal as a board member.  I help handle the screeners and wherever help is needed.